A Fun Party with a Gospel Choir

I went to my husband’s Christmas party last year with him, and I had an absolute blast. The company he works for spared no expense, and it honestly was the best corporate party I had ever been to. It also gave me some ideas on how the company I work with could up their game too when it comes to the parties we have throughout the year. What made my husband’s party so good was the corporate entertainment that was there. He was able to find out the contact information because I definitely wanted to see if my boss would allow me to handle the entertainment for our next party.

There are nearly 300 employees at my husband’s firm, which is nearly double the amount that I work with. The size really does not matter though because everything they had was available for our own party. After securing permission as well as the funds, I decided to change things up a bit after going to their website and seeing just how many different things they offer in the form of corporate entertainment. They have the same singers that were at my husband’s party along with dozens more.

I thought that was the direction I was going to go in until I saw that they have so much more. I could have singers, comedians, circus performers, mimes, impersonators, dancers and so much more. I could make it serious or I could have it be silly. I decided to have it a mix of the two. The company I work with is comprised mostly of Christians, so I went with the gospel choir for the main entertainment. I also ordered photo booths as well as surprising singers to make all of the guests smile and feel like they are a part of the entertainment too. Our party is next month, and I cannot wait to see if it is as much a success as my husband’s party was!


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