A Fun Game for the Whole Family

My family really adores Virtual Families 2 and recently used Virtual Families 2 cheats. We think it’s a nice game in an age where most games involving shooting people or monsters. We don’t really like having our children playing those types of games. I can’t see how many people would want their children playing such violent video games. There is no way to prove it, but my husband and I have always been concerned that the uptick in horrors like school shootings stem from young people playing such violent video games. We didn’t want our children to not play games, but we wanted them to play something healthier.

Virtual Families 2 seems like a good choice. It’s one of those games that take a long time to play because you’re raising a family over years in real time. You have to buy houses, do daily and special tasks, and even take care of your children and their children. Not only is it a fun game, it’s something where you have to actually think about the game as you play it. You have to plan things out and really think things through. It challenges your mind. I can’t think of anything better to teach kids about life.

We ran into a problem recently when we went on a camping trip over the summer. Of course we were out in the middle of nowhere and that meant no computers and no games. That meant we couldn’t keep up on the game’s tasks. My children went online and found a game cheat that promised to help us do better in the game. My husband and I reluctantly let the kids use it because we didn’t want to fall behind either! The cheat worked like a charm and in no time at all we were back to playing the game and moving forward.


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