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A Bluetooth Device That is Portable

I wanted to get a new Bluetooth transmitter a few months ago. When I got my last one, my ex had picked it out for me because I am not all that tech savvy. I knew that I could do it on my own though, especially since I would be able to find all the information I needed online. I did a search for the best Bluetooth transmitters, and I was able to find a page that had the top ten transmitters with information about each one. That really helped me pick out the one that I have now.

I was thankful that this page was so comprehensive in explaining what the differences were in each of the Bluetooth transmitters. There are so many different brands and types, so having this explained in elementary terms made picking out the right one very easy. I mainly wanted to have one where I could stream my music without having to have wires run everywhere. That is how my setup was for the last few weeks before buying a new Bluetooth device, and I just did not like it at all. It was not a pretty sight, plus I worried that my new puppy would chew on the wires.

When I saw the YETOR portable transmitter, I knew that it was the one that I wanted to have. I really like that it is portable, so I can take it with me when I know I will be working alone at the office too. I can blare my music there with the transmitter, which made it the obvious choice. I also like that the range is 32 feet, so I knew that it would be perfect for my small office as well as my apartment. The best part is that it did not cost me much money either!